With expertise and curiosity for new solutions



From the idea to the product

Since its foundation STONE has been a combination of curiosity, ambition, inventiveness and strong adaptable teamwork. Together with our specialists and partners we have been developing coatings for the present and the future for more than 20 years from the idea to the suitable product solution.


Future-oriented and individual Product Development

Contact with ideas or concrete need

Contact us with ideas, conceptions or concrete cases of need. From the discussion a target will be developed.

Needs assessment

Based on the objectives, our specialists analyze the conditions of the production and the concrete demand on site.

Creation of a requirement profile

From the demand analysis a requirement profile for the product is compiled, which forms the basis of the product development.

Product Development

With a view to production and quality, the appropriate product solution is developed under constant analysis and optimization.

Quality assurance

During development and especially before finalization, the product is subjected to various tests to ensure quality and functionality in everyday production.

Implementation in the production process

For the successful development of the product solution, our team concentrates on the implementation of the product solution into the existing production with focus on efficiency and in connection with technology enhancements.

Individual consultation and product development


Quality analysis and testing methods of the STONE Laboratory

PH level determination

Determination of the acid or alkali content of the material.

Density measurement

Determination of the material density.


Determination of the toughness of the material.

Surface Measurement

By measuring the surface tension, the quality of the adhesion can be determined in real time. The polarity of the product is also important for the quality.

dosing nozzle

Quality controls and coating processes in the STONE Technical Center

The STONE Technikum is one of the central facilities for product development and serves above all for quality control. As part of our service we carry out different test methods according to standards or based on standards. Part of the Technikum is also the quality control on site. For testing our coating systems in the customer's factory, we use mobile application equipment or UV lamps. The on-site tests are also to be considered as initial tests for internal purposes and do not exclude independent tests.

Weathering Tests

Weathering tests serve as a tool for improving product quality. Outdoor weathering is used to determine the resistance of coatings to external environmental influences.

Artificial weathering
according to DIN EN ISO 16474-1 / 3

This test method is used to examine the weather resistance of surfaces. In a special weathering chamber, samples are exposed to UV light, humidity and temperature and the changes in the surface are examined at regular intervals.

Cross Cut Test

In the cross cut test, two multiple cuts are made at a 90° angle to each other on a coating using a cross cutting device. This targeted damage to the surface allows conclusions to be drawn about the adhesion to the substrate.

Abrasion Resistance

The abrasion resistance of a coating is investigated with the help of rotating rubber rollers. This standardized method makes it possible to compare the abrasion resistance of different coatings with each other or with each other.

Double Rub Test

The “double rub test” is used to examine paint surfaces for solvent resistance. It is also used to test the cross-linking of UV coatings. In this test, a special felt is impregnated with e.g. methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and rubbed in double strokes over the sample to be tested at a defined test force. The test duration depends on the occurrence of a visible change in the coating surface or the agreed number of double strokes.

Further methods: